Alba Yruela

"The Sun is new everyday"
La Bisbal d'Empordà, 1989

Alba Yruela grew up in the Catalonian region of Empordà, where she developed her passion for nature. She started to photograph her surroundings, nature, friends and lovers from an intimate and delicate, yet direct point of view, as well as her loneliness, poignantly captured in multiple self-portraits. Her personal work has been exhibited in group shows in cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. She has also published several books Diaris 2009-2019 (2021), Ojama Shimasu and Bound 2 (2018), Coco (2015), Flora (2014), Laura Amanda escribe Alba (2013), Estaría bien poner un título aquí (2011). Her work was part of Biennal de Fotografía Xavier Miserachs (2012) and in 2022 she had her first solo show at Chiquita Room entitled Diaris. In 2023, she participated in the group show Entre dos azules. Conmovidos, which commemorated the tenth anniversary of the Blueproject Foundation, and in 2024 she took part in the Opening section of ARCOmadrid with Chiquita Room.