Chiquita Room is a center for contemporary art and creation that develops its activity as a gallery, residence for artists, producer and curator of projects, publisher of artist books. Located in the Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​it is focused on interdisciplinary and collective work, with the desire to support local and international talent and with a deep commitment to listening to foster the creative potential of individuals and groups.

"Art Is a Guaranty of Sanity."
Louise Bourgeois

Chiquita Room is the heir to the artist’s book publishing project Chiquita Ediciones, which opened in 2018 as a commitment from its director, Laura González Palacios.

Chiquita Room exhibits artists and curates projects that want to reflect relevant issues for contemporary society with a critical and innovative approach, while exploring the poetics of artistic expression through the interaction between art and other disciplines. The public that visits Chiquita Room is invited to reflect, analyze or discuss the proposed topics, expanding them with personal points of view and interpretations. Each artistic project on display is expanded with an edited book.

Chiquita Ediciones was born in 2013 as an independent micro-publisher specialized in artist’s books, from unfinished publications, Chiquita Ediciones invited artists to participate in them in order to generate a dialogue and interaction. All exhibitions held at the art center have an associated publication.

Chiquita Room is a home for international artists, it offers a space for accommodation, artistic production and exhibition. Through its own residency program, it invites artists to live in Barcelona, ​​integrate and be inspired by the city and carry out the entire creative process.


Invited Artists

Praga, República Checa

Jaro Varga
Marzo 2021

Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Marina Sagona
Enero 2021

Lisboa, Portugal

Xana Sousa
Diciembre 2020

Lucerna, Suiza

Barbara Davi
Febrero 2020

Santander, España

Marta Valledor
Agosto 2019

Santiago, Chile

Alfredo Da Venezia
Julio 2019

Direction: Laura González Palacios

Management and collectors: Andrea Luño García

Assistants: Andrea Fernández-Vegal Avilés and Noemi Saia

Graphic design: Ámbar Amill Bosco

Press: Teresa Vallbona

Website: Alejandro López