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Untitled Art Miami 2023 Fair

From the 6th to 10th of December we will be at the Untitled Art Miami 2023 fair with the project Playing Fields, Playing Horizons, by Març Rabal and Blanca Viñas. Each artist, through her own singular analogue practice, create rules and strategies based around seeking out a space of their own where they can exercise freedom in their artistic praxis. Working with references such as the frontón court, (the space for a popular Basque ball game), and the horizon – spaces of movement, vision and direction – Març Rabal and Blanca Viñas turn the rules inherent to these places into their own playing field, to create spaces for them to play in.

The way that both artists work is marked out by a certain rejection of discipline, with no intentions to aspire towards perfection insofar as this could override experimentation and play. The result of their work is a record of gestures that explore disobedience, of the pursuit of the genuine based on exploring the potentialities of different media. While Març Rabal uses collage and painting, and Blanca Viñas uses analogue photography in an experimental way, both of them play around with a sporty sense of creation: understanding art as entertainment, exercise and exhibition.

Març Rabal and Blanca Viñas work in alternating ways: from the margins, like those frameworks where a game takes place, while affecting and letting themselves be affected from the centers, such as those spaces of greater circulation and visibility. With a clear eye to gender, the two artists create spaces of their own to achieve independence and autonomy. As women artists, both of them ponder what conditions they have to tackle in order to see their artistic practice through, and what the pre-established rules of the game are, to then question them, subvert them, overcome them, leaving grandiosities at the door, being equally connected, forming part of different circuits.


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6 December - 10 December 2023
6 December 2023 10 December 2023 Tuesday to Friday: 12 am – 8 pm Saturday: 11 am – 3 pm


Untitled Art Fair
1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, 33139
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6 December - 10 December 2023
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6 December 2023 - 10 December 2023


Març Rabal

Born in Barcelona in 1976, the city where she currently lives and works, she began her studies in Fine Arts in 1996 at the University of Barcelona until 1999, when she received a scholarship to Paris to study at the École Nationale d'Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) and lived for almost two years in the French city, dedicating herself to different art-related professions.

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Blanca Viñas

Blanca Viñas explores ambiguous, fragile and unrecognisable spaces through analogue photography. The playful nature of the photographic shot by incorporating accident and chance through the imposition of rules and constraints is part of her creative process. For this reason, her work speculates on the relationship between space and time, places the laws of gravity under suspicion and recovers the importance of the unconscious. In short, she seeks to stimulate different - and therefore critical - views of what is happening.

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