Blanca Viñas

"A través de la fotografía analógica, especulo sobre la relación espacio-tiempo, poniendo bajo sospecha las leyes de la gravedad y recuperando la importancia del inconsciente."
Barcelona, 1987

Blanca Viñas explores ambiguous, fragile and unrecognisable spaces through analogue photography. The playful nature of the photographic shot by incorporating accident and chance through the imposition of rules and constraints is part of her creative process. For this reason, her work speculates on the relationship between space and time, places the laws of gravity under suspicion and recovers the importance of the unconscious. In short, she seeks to stimulate different – and therefore critical – views of what is happening.

Her book Tratado de fotografía desobediente was born with the intention of proposing other ways of taking photographs without wanting to convince anyone. It is a response to observations that she has been hearing for many years “too aesthetic”, “you lack content”, “what do you want to tell”, “the effect does not have to be the protagonist, it has to be another element”, “I see a formal rigidity in your photographic approach” or “you will reach abstraction when you are older”, appreciations that somehow put in doubt the experimental process as a value in itself.

Her book is therefore an anti-manual, an inventory of analogical, rebellious, free and unconventional processes that bring up photographic alternatives. She proposes anarchic methodologies that question the limitations and rules that have been imposed within this discipline. Framing slanted horizons, using expired film, using colour filters without criteria, forcing light in or exposing the film more than once are some of the interventions that make it impossible for this technically perfect and hermetic image to exist, as recommended by the manuals.