Memory Strata

Chiquita Room C/ Villaroel, 25, Barcelona

On this second occasion that Chiquita Room participates in Barcelona Gallery Weekend, we present the work of Carmen M. Castañeda. Through the translation of hand embroidery techniques from haute couture to a conceptual and experimental framework, the artist investigates the fragility of memory with an abstract, multidisciplinary and material language. The repetition of the same […]

Threads of a gesture

Chiquita Room C/ Villaroel, 25, Barcelona

The artist Carmen M. Castañeda returns to invite us to a brocade demonstration where she will show us her way of working using the "Lunéville crochet" technique and the intuitive way in which she has produced the works of the exhibition. Carmen crochets without seeing the front side of the pieces, using the tacte to […]

Weaving the streets

Chiquita Room C/ Villaroel, 25, Barcelona

Tejiendo la calle by Marina Fernández Ramos brings together the experiences of the homonymous project held in Valverde de la Vera, which she founded in 2013. A citizen cooperation project in which people, mostly elderly women, weave parasols reusing plastic and install them in the streets of the town to provide shade in summer. A […]


It is with great joy that we announce the participation of Chiquita Room in the Loop Festival 2021 with the artist Marina Sagona and her work "Couscous". In it, on some family pictures taken in Tripoli in the early 60's, the artist's father's voice explains his couscous recipe in Italian. While he speaks, a text […]