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The Flat Catalogue Exhibition

Louis Porter

The Flat Catalogue temporarily establishes an accumulation space at the Chiquita Room gallery. The exercise gathers a wide range of material from archives, the internet, shops, museums, the street, and passers-by, dealing with the flat space of technological mediation. The starting point is NASA’s 1972 Blue Marble image of a fragile earth floating in the void.

The Catalogue is presented as a browsable collection of printed matter, produced using a photocopier installed in the gallery. Visitors are welcome and personalised portfolios with certified copies of material are available on request.

A daily presentation of selected works from the collection is temporarily activated as artworks in the gallery.


6 April - 30 April 2022
6 April 2022 30 April 2022 Tuesday to Friday: 12 am – 8 pm Saturday: 11 am – 3 pm


Chiquita Room
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6 April - 30 April 2022
Tuesday to Friday
12 am – 8 pm Saturday
11 am – 3 pm

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6 April 2022 - 30 April 2022


Louis Porter

Louis Porter is a London based photographer, artist, researcher and educator in historical photographic processes. His artwork involves working with books and archives.

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