Luis Torroja

Barcelona, 1981

After training in Advertising Graphics and Image, he directed his profession towards graphic arts, photography and video. Between 2008 and 2012 he graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and it was during those years that he began to develop an artistic work of interdisciplinary character and largely directing it towards an intimate terrain. Most of the artistic works he has carried out since then are the result of a personal process or of a different kind of restlessness. His creations are born from an interest in experimentation, research or the transformation of objects, elements or materials and from the creative process itself. A process that brings him closer to abstraction or reflection, a game that makes possible the encounter or surprise, an intimate space where usually the making or creating is more linked to being, knowing or experiencing than to the need to say. Finally, this results in vestiges that are works in which, perhaps in his case, multiple readings or certain resonances of a vital state can be found. The observation and appropriation of nature, classification, ordering and repetition, the meticulous and the poetic, are aspects or concepts that have been defining much of his work.