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11 May 25 Jun
11am to 1:30pm - 4pm to 8pm Maisons de week-ends imaginaires
9 Jun
19:00 - 21:00 Ciprés
10 Jun 12 Jun
11am to 1:30pm - 4pm to 8pm ArtsLibris 2022

Current exhibition

Maisons de week-ends imaginaires

11.05.2022 - 25.06.2022

Maisons de week-ends imaginaires by Laía Argüelles is the result of an interest in private spaces and a desire for home as a sometimes inaccessible notion. The work is a polyptych composed by 12 pieces that are, at the same time, intervened diptychs: each one shows a print, taken from an old book of projected houses, and an interior photograph, found abroad.

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Chiquita Room Collectors

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Artist's book
Esbjerg 26,00
Artist's book
Sin título (Una cabeza por encima del agua) 40,00
Libro de artista Temperie Laia Argüelles
Artist's book
Temperie 30,00
Artist's book
Immer Abschied 100,00
Libro de artista
ListadosIgnasi Aballí17,00
Barcelona Plan B: A Cartographic Opportunity
Artist's book
Barcelona Plan B: A Cartographic Opportunity15,00


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9 Jun
19:00 - 21:00
ArtsLibris 2022
10 Jun - 12 Jun 2022
11am to 1:30pm - 4pm to 8pm

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Once upon a time...

16.11.2018 - HOY

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A found bookmark

6 May 2022
Louis Porter

"Humanist, feminist and environmentalist values are Chiquita Room's DNA and are present in all we do.

Laura González Palacios


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