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22 Mar 29 Apr
12 am – 8 pm 10 am – 2 pm Abismes
26 Apr
19:00 a 20:00 Conversation between Isabel Banal and Bea Espejo
29 Apr
12:00 a 13:30 Closure and poetry recital

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22.03.2023 - 29.04.2023

“We are aware of Isabel Banal’s passion for the game of scales and miniature, for the diatribes of language (visual, textual…), for plaster and white, for pencils and notebooks, for traces and imitations, for chance encounters. Everything is polysemy there.”

Bea Espejo about Isabel Banal’s exhibition Abismes

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A la manera de les danaides Isabel Banal i Xifré0,00
grapto-grafo Pedro Torres0,00
Blandness (diptychs) Teresa Estapé0,00
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Search Engine Louis Porter1.976,00
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Conversation between Isabel Banal and Bea Espejo
26 Apr
19:00 - 20:00
Closure and poetry recital
29 Apr
12:00 - 13:30

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16.11.2018 - HOY

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Blanca Viñas, finalist in the Photography Award of the Fundació Vila Casas

31 Mar 2023
Chiquita Room

"Humanist, feminist and environmentalist values are Chiquita Room's DNA and are present in all we do.

Laura González Palacios


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