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Exhibition Presence Is the Only Goddess I Worship
18 January 23 March
Fair ARCOmadrid 2024
6 10 March

Current exhibition

Presence Is the Only Goddess I Worship

18 January - 23 March 2024

Presence Is the Only Goddess I Worship is a choral exhibition that places emphasis on attention, patience and the memory of what the body knows, to return, time and time again, to that precious place.

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Chiquita Room Collectors

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Handschmeichler Teresa Estapé580,00
A Catalogue of a Young Country Ladies Library Louis Porter18,00
El color blau marí Blanca Viñas360,00
Estri de càrrega (I) Isabel Banal i Xifré120,00
Chiquita Ediciones


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Le jour et la nuit
du réel
23 February 2024
18:00 - 20:00 5 – 7€
ARCOmadrid 2024
6 March - 10 March 2024
12 am – 8 pm 10 am – 2 pm

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16 noviembre 2018 - Hoy

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Search Engine by Louis Porter in Sims Reed

10 August 2023
Chiquita Room

"Humanist, feminist and environmentalist values are Chiquita Room's DNA and are present in all we do.

Laura González Palacios


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