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Abismes Current exhibition

“We are aware of Isabel Banal’s passion for the game of scales and miniature, for the diatribes of language (visual, textual…), for plaster and white, for pencils and notebooks, for traces and imitations, for chance encounters. Everything is polysemy there.”

From Bea Espejo’s text for Isabel Banal’s exhibition Abismes.


22 Mar - 29 Apr 2023
22 Mar 2023 29 Apr 2023 11am to 1:30pm - 4pm to 8pm


Chiquita Room

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22 Mar - 29 Apr 2023
Wednesday - Saturday
11am to 1:30pm - 4pm to 8pm

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22 March - 29 April


Isabel Banal i Xifré

Isabel Banal i Xifré is a visual artist and teacher at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. Her rural origins and her bond with nature permeate all her work.

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