Dario Zeruto

Migrante, 1965

Self-taught artist who works with paper as an expressive medium, with a special direction towards the book object in any of its meanings, either as a single object, small editions or installations. He is inspired by references from the Bauhaus and conceptual art of the 60s and 70s. Graduated in mechanical engineering, he uses geometry as a language, reaching the volume through the crossing of textile techniques, binding and paper folding, where the manual element of elaboration is a fundamental part. The work process becomes a means of expression through the repetition of the gesture as a mathematical component that is reflected in his works.

The themes that drive him are numerical successions and geometry, as well as the freedom of movement of citizens and historical memory. In parallel to the process of creation, he develops a didactic work for public and private institutions in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and the United Kingdom, linked to the use of paper folding as an element of creation and design, from the commitment to learn by discovering and from the sensitivity of the material.