The Time Machine Arte

Chiquita Room
9 Apr 2024

Lara Ruiz (Luxembourg, 1986) has been in artistic residence for the last few days immersed in the creation of “The Time Machine”, a project that makes a revision of time in terms of the rhythms of production of the visual artist, from the phase of observation-ideation to that of action-production, thus marking the beginning and end of a process. Lara’s artistic practice revolves around the creation of languages through colour and form. She does not only produce in his studio, as she regularly participates in workshops and actions that encourage public interaction. In this way, she extends the artistic experience beyond the conventional limits of the studio and the art exhibition.

By using an analogue time clock, made in Japan in 1970, the artist records her own times, manifesting itself as a device that registers the temporality involved in the creation of a space dedicated to the fabrication of her artistic development. In this way, her watercolours are recorded by these temporal lapses, noted by the machine both at the beginning and at the conclusion. This operates as a critique of the intermittency that characterises employment in the cultural sector, a particularly vulnerable group whose precarious situation has been accentuated.

In addition, during her stay, we visited the Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, located in an old paper mill called “Molí de la Vila”, which preserves the structure of the paper mills of the 18th century and where handmade paper is still produced. There, we developed the project in depth with paper produced in the museum, where the artist, in turn, was able to make her own sheet of paper thanks to the help of the fantastic director and artist Victòria Rabal.