Julia Aurora Guzmán at the European Ceramic Workcentre Arte

Chiquita Room
20 Jul 2023

The artwork Wave Column (2020) present in Julia Aurora Guzmán’s exhibition, still, at Chiquita Room was made during an artist residency at the European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) between September 17 and December 9, 2020.

The EKWC is an international artist residency and center of excellence for ceramics. For more than 50 years, artists, designers and architects from around the world have worked to experiment with clay. The quality of the world-class facilities, the presence of consultants with top expertise, and the openness to share processes and innovations make the EKWC a very special place. Established as a non-profit organization, the EKWC’s goal is to develop ceramics and promote their application in art, design and architecture. Located in the former dye and leather factory of the Royal United Leather Factory in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, the EKWC combines tradition, artistic inspiration and manufacturing in a monumental building.

Julia Aurora Guzman writes about Wave Column: “The sculpture is made with clay that contains more chamotte in order to maintain the structure without any other type of additive. It is made with a mold that was made with the help of the fablab ekwc. Vertically, it behaves like a column that can be adapted to the space, attached to the wall like a column that transforms into a wave… The column refers to what sustains us within our cycles, evidently represented by the swell. Duality between the swell that represents the need to move what we have inside so as not to stagnate, and the emptiness, in stillness, that lets us appreciate every detail, like the waves of a falling drop of water.”