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Sant Jordi 2024 por Tandem on Books Diada

From Chiquita Room, once again, on 23 April we are celebrating Sant Jordi with Tandem on Books, an action platform dedicated to promoting knowledge of artists’ books.

This time, we inaugurated a small one-day exhibition at the gallery, which as you know is also a publisher of artist’s books. Curated by Tandem on Books, we present a project based on a selection of books that refer to the theme of lightness or levity. In addition, there will be a reading of the poem “Sacred Emily” by Gertrude Stein and, at the entrance door, books published by Chiquita Room and by artists from the gallery will be on sale, as well as our traditional white roses wrapped in poems. The exhibition will feature both artists and independent publishers that we have chosen with great care and delicacy.

You can find us on Tuesday 23 April from 12 to 20 h. at Chiquita Room.



13L, Edicions

Anna Pahissa

Cristina Pastó

Ediciones Anomalas

Familia Editions

Frederic Amat

Ignasi Aballi

Isabel Banal

Laía Argüelles Folch

Lindero Libros

Louis Porter

Mar Arza

Mercè Soler


Mortiz Küng

Naranja Publicaciones

Ninja Paper

Quinta Morsa

Radial Radiant

Terranova Editorial

Urbild Editions

Valeria Brancaforte

Xana Sousa

Ximena Pérez Grobet



23 April 2024
23 April 2024 23 April 2024 12:00 - 20:00


Chiquita Room

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