Blanca Viñas, finalist in the Photography Award of the Fundació Vila Casas Arte

Chiquita Room
31 Mar 2023

Blanca Viñas has been a finalist in the Photography Award of the Fundació Vila Casas and it will be exhibited with the other works from April 29 at the Museu Palau Solterra, where the award ceremony will be held. Blanca explores ambiguous, fragile and unrecognizable spaces through analog photography and the playfulness of shooting incorporating chance and accident. Therefore, her work speculates on the space-time relationship, puts under suspicion the laws of gravity and recovers the importance of the unconscious, trying to stimulate different -and also critical- views on what happens.

Once again, the Fundació Vila Casas is holding its competition to award a prize, on a rotating basis, in the disciplines of painting, sculpture and photography. This year, the award is the Photography Prize 2022 and the judges – Natàlia Chocarro, Sophie Köhler, Antonio Sagnier, Àlex Susanna, Laura Terré and Antoni Vila Casas – will select the finalist artworks that will be exhibited at Palau Solterra in Torroella de Montgrí from 29th April to 18th June.