Ariadna Guiteras

Barcelona, 1986

Ariadna Guiteras’ practice encompasses performance, text, drawing and installation to investigate the limits of human and more-than-human bodies, and the relationships that constitute them. Her recent work has explored the Renaissance concept of the “porous body,” a medical theory that saw the skin as a porous boundary, easily pierced and difficult to protect. Imagined in the present tense, the term is expanded in Ariadna’s work to consider bodies as vulnerable matter, open and always in relation, whether to other bodies, the environment, oil, capital flows, data or solar energy. She has shown her work in different spaces such as La Panera (Lleida), Tate Exchange (London), CA2M (Madrid), La Capella (Barcelona), CentroCentro (Madrid), Loop (Barcelona), APA (Brussels), Swab Performance (Barcelona), àngels barcelona, Cuarto Espacio (Zaragoza), Twin Gallery (Madrid), Sala Muncunill (Terrassa), H. AAC (Vic), Castillo de Montjuïc (Barcelona), Chalton Gallery (London), Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona), Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Antic Teatre (Barcelona), MACBA (Barcelona), Werf 52 (Düsseldorf), Second Home (Berlin). Participates in the exhibition “Arcana: los secretos del tarot”.