Beatriz Sánchez

Córdoba, 1977

She is a drawer, performer, audiovisual creator and digital activist, and acts from different fronts in relation to the analysis of the impact that originates in us the heteronormative discourse and the information society. Her works have received several mentions through BilbaoArte, Iniciarte, NU2’s, the Rafael Botí Foundation, VAD festival or Daniel Vázquez Díaz, among others. And they are being presented in numerous festivals, channels, collectives and fairs such as Arco, Estampa, Cosmopoética, SÂLMON<, DVDanza de la Habana, Metrópolis RTVE, TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, Caixaforum Barcelona, IDN, La Casa encendida, Centro José Guerrero, CentroCentro Cibeles, Injuve, I+CAS, Centro Huarte, etcetera. She currently lives in Bilbao, where she combines the production of his artistic work with the production of video clips for popular national and international bands. She is also dedicated to creative pedagogy, regularly teaching video-creation workshops in cultural centers in Spain, Europe and America. She participates in the exhibition Arcana: los secretos del tarot.