Chiquita Library

One of the editor’s dreams has always been to create a beautiful library to learn, enjoy and thus better comprehend the Stendahl syndrome. She can now do it in her own home, with the books she publishes through her , publishing house, together with other works she has collected over the years and continues to acquire in bookshops and fairs. It is a compilation of works from here and there, by authors from around the world, by a variety of publishers, and books in several languages on diverse topics related to the great game of art and life. Intended to share the collection and open the pages of those books to whomever may be interested, the library is made available to everyone through a membership card. The fee is 20€ per year and members can borrow up to three books every 15 days.

"I always imagined that paradise would be some kind of library”.

Jorge Luis Borges