Art and Creation

Chiquita Room is a centre for contemporary art and creation that develops its activity as a gallery, a residence for artists, a producer and commissioner of projects, an artist’s book publisher and a school of inspiration.

Located in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood, in Barcelona, it is focused on interdisciplinary and collective work aimed at supporting local and international talent, with a deep commitment to listening in order to foment the creative potential of both individuals and groups.

"Art is a guaranty of sanity."

Louise Bourgeois


Coming from a perspective of a sincere, thoughtful commission, artists and projects are encouraged to reflect upon issues that are relevant to the public and to the city of Barcelona with a critical, innovative approach. [+]


An annual call welcoming international artists who are interested in knowing and living in Barcelona to become part of its daily life and enjoy a place to stay, work and exhibit, with the city as a backdrop. [+]


A small compilation of works from here and there, by authors from around the world, by a variety of publishers, and books in several languages on diverse topics related to the great game of art and life. [+]


An area for analogue photography lovers, where the properties of light and the physical-chemical discoveries that enabled this technique can be researched. Equipped for manual developing and processing of black and white pictures. [+]


The Chiquita Room venue is also available to be used as a film set or a photography studio, as well as for meetings, presentations and all kinds of private or public events. Contact us for information about availability and fees. [+]


Chiquita Ediciones editorial projects aim to expand the editing of publications that were originally conceived for artists of different styles and disciplines to alter them, creating new unique pieces. [+]